HR Role in Branding

Amruta Shah


HR Role in Branding!!!

HR plays the most important role in an organisation’s hiring procedures. Once hired, then On-boarding, training, performance feedback and the other activities in series are HR responsibilities . But has HR been thought as a Brand manager often? Yes I suggest branding is not just a marketing KRA every employee can be helpful in brand value creation and HR can be the source of such creation. Branding in terms of preferred employer or among best employer to work with! Attracting right and best talents is easier then, right?

Let’s look at it from the time of selection procedure; potential candidates often decide to join your organisation based on their HR interactions. Simple things from how a candidate was greeted , whether was made to wait, was he offered tea / coffee or water at least , was he informed how long will be wait and what is recruitment procedure; all this matter. Then, how the follow was after interview till the offer generation plays a role in candidate’s decision

So how to use this HR interaction time for branding? Various tools can be used to make a good and lasting impression on the potential employee’s mind. For Eg: some leaflets showcasing HR practices, events in organisation or employee newsletter at the reception area along with various other product brochures can create more interest in the candidate. Also, the culture management has agreed upon must be visible in the reception/lobby/waiting areas and across the office.

What are the benefits of these conscience efforts to make a good interview experience? One candidate has a good experience he shares with many, he joins and refers his friends too , so more applications and better chance of attracting the best talent since talent pool is larger. And knowing about the culture, makes a candidates feel he fits in the culture or not and more chances of him to accept the offer.

If Marketing and HR efforts are made to come in sync more results for both departments.PR tools can be good source to attract talents and business customers.


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