HR Business Partnering

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 HR Business Partnering

Good old days Learning and Development was a part of the business itself and the focus was diluted as the business was focused on revenue. But the paradigm changed a few years back with corporate giving tremendous impetus to L and D. Today almost every company has a separate division for imparting the learning either in house trainers or through external agencies.

HR business partner’s role also has evolved in parallel. Every business unit has their own HR business partner whose primary objectives are:

  • Strategy planning – To shift from as is to the desired state
  • Gap analysis in terms of employees’ skill sets – soft or technical in alignment to business goals
  • Employee engagement
  • Co ordinate and schedule the delivery on time with the help of the L and D team
  • Evolve metrics to demonstrate his/her role in enhancing the revenue through these.

Hence the Business HR role has become very critical for a BU as he/she is the driving factor to scale up employees in their area of competencies. The Business HR is able to do through L and D who are focused to deliver and build competencies so that the BU is benefitted through their output.

In the whole process, the roles of Business HR and L and D have become very pivotal and inevitable in any organization. Both have to be innovative with high levels of drive and energy

To highlight a few skills that organizations look for in a business HR persons are:

  • Ability align to business and implement the strategies
  • Powerful communication skills
  • Networking/interpersonal skills
  • Willing to take challenges
  • High drive and initiative

In many corporate, the senior employees from the business are moved into this role as they find the understanding of the needs is lot better and hence the output. Most companies are highly benefited by this model as it brings the right focus and direction towards the business goals. The dependencies on BR business partner and L and D are today inherent parts of any BU.

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