HR Business Partner Role


Deepa Gramopadhye

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HR Business Partner role

Today’s organizations do not expect their operations managers to work on something which is not their forte or something which someone else can do better. May it be an effective recruitment or providing inputs to Learning and development function, organizations expect involvement of Business HR.

Business HR can play significant role in providing inputs to Learning and development, a sub function of Human Resources itself. Business HR resource is supposed to spend time with the employees aligned to him and at the same time is supposed to know the business thoroughly. Thus they know what is expected from an employee and where does he/she stand. Being from HR background, he can judge the gap, if any, and share the input with Learning and Development team.

Additionally, Business HR is well aware of the organization’s structure, hierarchy and business it is operating. E.g. A team leader in BPO should know how to handle the stress and if he fails to do that, he cannot deliver expected performance. If Business HR is able to judge that particular Team Leader is facing attrition/ absenteeism challenge and the reason for the same is Team Leader’s inefficiency to handle the pressure, he can definitely pitch in and provide these inputs to L&D and they in turn can design and conduct the session accordingly.

Also, Business HR can develop employees by providing inputs to L&D. Most of the organizations prefer promoting employees within the organization than external hiring for the benefits known to us. However, they face challenge in terms of finding the required competencies in internal candidates. Here Business HR can play a critical role by providing these inputs to L&D and accordingly L&D can design “Role specific programs”. E.g. If MIS executives are to be hired externally it would be costlier as compared to internal promotion. If L&D team is aware of what are expected competencies and Business HR helps in providing existing competencies, a gap can be understood and filled up. This would definitely save cost, would motivate employees and would benefit the organization, the ultimate goal of all of us!!!


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