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HR analytics draws a parallel between business data and employee data, which helps in more effective decision making. The foremost attribute of HR analytics is to decisively show the influence of HR department has on the organization. HR Analytics helps in ascertaining a cause-and-effect association between HR action and business outcomes. This helps in determining strategies, plans & policies based on that HR Analytics intelligence.

In brief HR Analytics offers to provide insight into each organizational process by collating data. It then uses this data for effectual and pertinent decision making leading to improved organizational processes.

Major Challenges :The challenges of human resources analytics are

  • to detect and ascertain what data should be captured
  • how to use the data to predict and envisage skills, capabilities, competencies and know-how

The objective of human resources analytics is to provide an organization with acumens for effectively managing employees so that organizational goals can be reached efficiently and timely. It also helps the organization in determining the ROHI (Return on Human Investment) and aligning the talent investment with business results.


The sweet news is that HR Analytics is creating an impact in organizations. Various organizations are exploring and evaluating the HR analytics data to find the key to diverse vital questions. For example; Why does one employee perform better than the other? What is the impact of learning programs on the organization results? How much time does a new joiner take to produce results? Why does a particular leader succeed?


In order for HR to create an impact on business and to really be a Business Partner, it is very essential to synergize data.


To summarize, the HR analytics data should be Appropriate; Valid &Vetted; Persuasive & Transformative.


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