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As the topic suggests pointedly, it is a challenge to get the best out of any employee. The corporate houses will agree in unison that they face a huge challenge forever in ensuring that they are able to extract the best from their employees, but this remains largely elusive most of the times. Why ?To answer the question as to why the Organizations continue to face this test of keeping their employees motivated, a worrisome need, we would require to check whether the Organizations are aware of their workforce level of motivation at all times and what measures do they take to guarantee that the barometer of motivation is up always. Not an easy task I can assure you. But let this be a topic for some other time.

Returning to our present angst faced by the employers, let us deal with it with utmost sincerity. When we employ any individual in the company, we do so with the prime interest to get the best performance which takes the company to the next level of success. Any Organization has majorly three types of employees – (1) – engaged, (2) – disengaged, (3) – highly engaged. The first type would need more push to get better results; the second type brings worry and anguish to most of the managers in the company; last type we need not worry at all but remember they are very difficult to be held back unless constantly motivated.

So once again we come back to the same spot – Motivation, how to keep the employees excited to do their work! Few thoughts are shared below which surely some companies are already engaged in doing, or even thinking to do so. All the HR professionals will agree that motivation can be both financial, non-financial in nature, it is what is applied to the situation that matters and which can be different for varied situations.

  1. Make the tasks fun filled

Is it not a simple way of getting the work done by designing the task in an interesting manner. Allow the employees to create their own task format for best results. Let them be experimental in showcasing the task outline and the material provided.

  1. Give the employees space, time and reduce roadblocks

Provide complete freedom to the employees in finishing their task in the manner they find fit to do. Where possible remove blocks like provide material requirements needed by them to finish the task, additional help when required.

  1. Make them accountable and listen to them

Employees feel and get under the task when they are made responsible for it. Give them that space and listen to what they need to complete the tasks. Reaching out to them is half the battle won.

  1. Encourage them to set and meet the deadlines

As more experienced and seniors that we are, provide them the chance to calculate the timelines and let them accept the responsibility for setting the deadline themselves. The employees feel more responsible when they are in command of their situation.

  1. Recognize and appreciate their efforts

Every individual in life desires to be recognized and appreciated. Extend the gesture whole heartedly. This act will get the best results as times have shown. A small gesture of appreciation wins heart, wins commitment and gets high engagement.

  1. Extend your empathy, warmth openly

Connect with the employees with empathy, as one of them and show your warmth; you will not be disappointed in return gift of good work done. This is perhaps the easiest way to loyalty of the employees.

  1. Encourage them for peer connect

This is yet another very powerful but under used tool in getting best results. It is human nature to be comfortable with your own ‘type’ and group rather than vertical relation. Make sure that peers are encouraged to work along and with their group to push laggards& improve levels of service.

  1. Be a better boss

Most essential part of any relationship is to be good to one another. It is beyond a doubt that employees leave the Organization due to their bosses and not for Companies. An encouraging, empathetic boss is capable of keeping the employees satisfied, serve longer years on job, have scalable achievements.

  1. Take a trip on task completion

Very effective way to keep the spirits high when the employer takes his team for a surprise trip on completion of task. It is a proven fact team spirit rises when their bosses agree to take them for short trips as it bonds the team closer, melts the internal conflicts.

  1. Make their dreams come true

Small gestures like let the employee leave early, go for an outing with his family, buy a gift for him, give him the surprise that he wants etc., captures the heart of your employee and the chances are that his level of performance improves dramatically. You touch the heart of an individual, he is enslaved to you.

Is it too much to give to the employees if we want them to give their best to us? Can we try these little acts to get the employees excited not only to come to work but to remain excited to do their work. After all were we not employees like them once upon a time?


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