How to Get Employees Excited to Do Their Work


Neelam Mohammad Afzal

Sindh Rural Support Organization

Program Officer (HR)


How to Get Employees Excited to Do Their Work. 


The crucial first step of sharing your business vision with the company in order to get people to buy in seems like a no-brainer, but especially at the lower echelons of the org chart employees are often clueless to the machinations of the top brass, and it’s bound to hurt engagement and productivity.

“There’s a lot of leaders out there that take the employees, blindfold them, spin them around 10 times, and then want them to go hit the tail on the donkey and they can’t do it,” Stark says. Workers need to have a sense of how their roles interweave with the larger goals of the company in order to take pride in the importance of their work and to do the best possible job on every project. Stark advises tapping as many methods of communication to reach out to employees as you can, including e-mail and phone blasts, Facebook, Twitter, and even texting.”¨”¨

But sometimes it takes more than communicating through different media and helping employees relate personal goals to company goals. Stark notes that some people will be swayed by rhetoric while others want cold hard facts before they buy in and you have to cater to both groups.

“You say, ‘Do I have to be the charismatic leader who’s going to get up and give a speech in front of the company?’ There’s a bunch of employees who’re going to hear that and are going to hear that charismatic, dynamic speech and say this is BS,” Stark points out. For the skeptics breaking down quarterly efforts and the results they achieved and where they could be improved will go farther than a joke-filled speech.

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