How to drive a culture of ethics in HR service

Jacks .K. Ninan


How to drive a culture of ethics in HR service


Ethics a valuable resource, that is unseen and unheard by many to undermine its true value in the success of business. Organization lives to serve a purpose and if the purpose has to reached, organization has to respect ethics and value it in the veins of it functioning.

  • So as the Leader is so will be his followers.

The culture of ethics flows from top to bottom as the signals of information is passed from the brain to its body members. The organization is structured on the rock of values it holds.

If the culture of ethics has to be driven to the organization practice, it has to pass through the veins of Human Resources policies and procedures that is translated from the vision, mission and values of the business entity.

There is tendency in the growing business focus to accelerate profit with little value given to the true value that customers value. Symptoms are seen in the long run that damages company’s reputation or financial sustainability. Naming the few damages are:

Legal complications that affect business continuity and compensation losses to level charges.

Brand image that suffers loss on potential customers and employees due to word-of-mouth on bad experiences.

Risk on loyalty of employees’ that may attract cost on additional recruitment, training and breach in continuity of experience and knowledge gained by existing employees.

We have heard as true to be “Preventive Maintenance is better than Corrective Maintenance” Through the steps of growth on business excellence, several methodologies has gained importance such as value stream mapping, lean six sigma and many other that works on the fundamental of driving value by improving performance. If I have to call them by one word, its getting things more “organized”. There is an untold story of ethics that lies behind these efforts.

A transparent way of saying let’s be honest about who we are only then can we be who we want to be in the future. Then they find the gaps and bring value to every business process, such as like…

  • Checking ones personal values match the organization in the recruitment process.
  • Having an honest exit interview process to identify gaps as to why a person wants to leave and take corrective steps.
  • Performance management serves its purpose to improve performance in the organization and not conducting a formal appraisal to just meet the obligations without serving its purpose.

The whole way of thinking gets diverted to focus on the organization growth and not personal gains.


If we have to drive ethics in HR service we need to understand its true meaning and how it plays a vital role in the success of the organization. The key to success of every organization lies unattended in a corner that often voices in the value it adds but only few are wise and sensitive to its call. The few have become true leaders always adding value to others lives.


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