How to create a culture of innovation


Neha Saini

Manager- Human Resource

Yatra Company 

How to create a culture of innovation

Introduction: Driving culture of Innovation is all about openness where two-way dialogues are exchanged with employees that helps in getting new ideas and then leads to discussion of those ideas.

Innovation means “new methods or ways” of doing things and it is important for every company whether a start-up who is yet to make their position in the market or an old company to sustain their position in competitive environment.

Building culture of innovation through open communication with employees will not involve people but also get you their commitment and help in identifying the value gaps within the organization. Participative style of managements has been criticized by many people as considered to be time wastage. However in a longer run, it helps producing better results and committed staff.

In today’s era where finding right talent is a challenge, it is important that employee feel sense of their importance in the company everyday and that entirely depends how empowered and how involved they are in taking company’s decision. Open house across offices is one of the ways where plans for the year can be shared with employees and people can be encouraged to participate by sharing their ideas on how together they can achieve the goal of the year. This will put each and every employee to think beyond their regular job and share their ideas on bringing new innovation at work place.

Innovation is not just about making new products but also about new processes or ways of doing same job. Employee should feel that any innovation brought by them will not just help the organization grow but will also help them make history that no one has made yet. The day an employee will start treating the company as their own one, they will start believing that their true purpose of life also lies in same.

Hence, openness and empowerment at every level of an organization is a key to drive culture of innovation, no matter result comes out to be fruitful or not. One should be allowed to speak up with their thoughts and try at least to come out with best innovation of its kind.


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