How Employee Engagement & Training Leads To Profits



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How Employee Engagement & Training Leads To Profits

Organizational effectiveness has become a catchword in the current state of affairs. Each employee play a important role that leads to effectiveness of the organization. Each employee is the key differentiator in the growth of the organization. If we see employee and the productivity in an organization some activities are really works like catalyst and heady to bring the desired change in the individual performance and productivity. If you invest on your employee no problem if you don’t is the big problem. Employee engagement activities are like enriching input to get quality output. This may cost to the organization initially but payback in multi fold and long term. As we know that changes are a natural, continuous and inevitable observable fact and they have tremendous impact on the behavior of the employees in the organizations. The constant is change if an organization is willing to change as per the requirement its like bringing new strategy which best suits to the internal customers. Which possibly helps in building win-win culture in the organization.  Employee engagement activities and training leads to profit for the long term. Some of the employee engagement activities are mentioned below.

1, Open the speak up culture.

2, 360 degree feedback.

3, Social events.

4, Cultural talents.

5, Cross function events.

6, Modern work place learning.

7, My mentor.

8, Best employee recognition on various parameters and platforms.

Some intermediate training events will help employee to discover their own talent potential. Many organizations invites hybrid speakers which is the good initiative to bring different perspective to see opportunity in adversity. Employee engagement and training brings profits and helps in talent retention. Training employees is an ongoing practice of the learning organization. Learning organizations are having less employee attrition and high productivity. If management is not happy in investing on their employees they may have to pay high cost in long term compare to the pro learning organizations. During employee satisfaction surveys it was emerged as one of the important reason , why people stays in the organization. Employee engagement and training helps people to develop and grow into their career and this gives them the understanding that an organization is interested for their growth.

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