How Can Employers Provide Benefits that Excite and Retain Employees?


Vikas Chaturvedi

Admin/HR Head

Kanpur Institute of Technology


How Can Employers Provide Benefits that Excite and Retain Employees?

Now at the present time many organization only focus on their productivity and profit .Employers are not focusing on their employee’s .As my research the graph of retain ios increasing day by day and somewhere employees losing their faith on company .So i want to discus some benefits prepared by my own opinions along with new name as follows:

1: Abhinay Darshita : – We can measurement of the work performance of employee thorough committee and provide the cash as performance bonus to employee on end of year

2: Actitvty day: – We can provide three paid days to every staff /employee on every end of year to enjoy their favourite outside activity with their family

  1. Abhiman: Through these benefits we can provide some cash benefits for female staff during her new baby born /maternity. Small Scale Company or other company can save the 2 to 3% of Basic salary of staff in company account and refund to staff during the maternity leave.

4: Asharya:– Through these benefits we can provide medical insurance ,disability etc to our employees

5: Unnati:   This is promotional benefits for our employee’s .This is not payable but we can promote their staff/employees on the basis of work performance \.


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