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26th November, 2014

Nitin Sanker

The last Quarter has been very eventful to Middle Earth.

We started our Dubai office which is in a very prestigious location – Dubai World Central which is the epicenter for Expo 2020, this gave fruition to a very long standing goal which was to have a full fledged presence in The Gulf region, which after India is our second largest region in terms of revenue as well as number of people getting certified. Dubai Central is a beautiful wedge building which is part of the new Al Maktoum Airport, which is an integrated commercial, office and residential center. This center is sometimes being referred to as the World’s first “Aerotropolis”- a fully integrated metropolis with airport. So we are very excited with this… and the spadework which has been done by our core management team of Moulali and Upasana was instrumental in completing the plan as per schedule.
The new office story did not end here as we also inaugurated a new office right next to our existing two in Hyderabad. Venkat and Moulali were very busy to ensure this happened on time.

Dubai Office

This Quarter we also built the genesis of our HRM for Leaders Curriculum. The team responsible Rohit, Sameena and Leena have been diligently looking at developing the marketing material and started marketing the programs. This will be the first series of programs in this entire curriculum. The curriculum will focus on critical skills for leaders to help align themselves with advanced HRM processes and build better HRM practices in organizations.

The programs will focus on areas like:

  1. How to identify High performers during recruitment
  2. How to Coach people better
  3. How to build teams towards High performance
  4. How to manage critical conversations better during appraisals
  5. HRM understanding for CXOs

And so on…

For the last few years a major gap when we talk to all the HR professionals who form our vibrant Alumni pool , one of the key issues they highlight is that though there is development in the HR systems, sometimes the alignment with the Leaders is low and this creates many challenges for improved HRM. We hope and trust that this certifications and programs may help to reduce the gap. The first program which is the Certified High Performer Identification Specialist / The Certified Interview Analyst is going to be held in Bangalore and Mumbai and we would have a high turnout based on the reports from the marketing team.
On the people front we were Saddened to lose three of our stalwarts Kumuthini, Deepa and Livingstun who left due to relocation abroad and some personal reasons. On the positive side we welcomed new people like Rohit as an AM in Non-HR team& Leena to join that, Sucharita in Post Training Department; Srikanth, Satya, Nikhil, Annapurna in Marketing Team of CAMI; Anusha & Sarita in WHRB team, Shanthi in In-Company Training & Manidipa in Product Development team.

The culture in Middle Earth continued to get rave reviews from Mearthians with FunFridays being celebrated with great aplomb, the festival committee of Deepavali (Usha, Satya and Srinath) outdid themselves – we had a literal fashion show in office with everyone dressed in complete Indian finery, rangoli contests gave the office an extremely colorful look for those two days. The open house also was able to close more than 80% of the suggestions given.

Our cloud based enquiry tracking system was inaugurated and got operational by the team of Fahid , Kamal and Shiva which is slowly ironing out the bugs and coming online , this we hope will slowly get completely operational in the next month or so , we hope to integrate this with a complete Learning Management System within the next 3-4 months .


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