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                                                                                                             Srividya Jayaram

                        Associate Director – Middle Earth HR

I get nostalgic when I think of how I started my career in HR…  when I look back Human Resources team were more of a back office support.. Their job was just to take care of employees’ records, leave management, pay calculation, coordinate in performance appraisal etc…

With time the expectations from HR have changed… today the role has changed from reactive HR to predictive HR…

The HR has to be an Admin Expert (pay, benefit, compliance, MIS), Employee Relation expert (Safety, Culture and Diversity), Strategic partner and Change agent.

Today every aspect of HR does have become specialization. Some of the HR does feel lack of power; many are overwhelmed and vulnerable. But the role has become very strategic and important for an organization to develop and change as per globalization.

There was times when everyone felt that interviewing can be done by anyone. But today people have started realizing that recruitment does require a specialization.

Performance appraisal was a process that was initiated by HR and coordinated, but was always conducted by Team Lead or Project mangers… With time the same is being initiated, coordinated and conducted by HR… Plus a thorough analysis is being done to ensure the productivity of the company increases… quality enhances…

Based on the assessment of performance, training practices and leadership training programs have also become prominent…

The present gen HR has more activities into Organizational Development Analysis, Organizational Development Design aspects.  They have become apt as business partner.  This means it is not just Talent Acquisition and Talent Management; but entire organizational culture in alignment with the Mission and Vision of the company. They play a major role with the management  in being the change agent; help in changing process as necessary to enhance customer satisfaction and turnover of the company.

HR Analytics is taking a prominent role in the last two years… This indirectly helps the board in assessing and analyzing the policy and process of the company. Ensure the internal process is strengthened and improve the overall capability.

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