Enhancing the Customer Experience through Training

Pranati Devi

HR – L &D


Enhancing the Customer Experience through Training

Every organization is been looking out the progress report of business through numbers .These numbers can now be increased only when you have a loyal satisfied and valued customer . Employees are the internal stakeholders of the organization . Training is beneficial to enhance both internal  & external customers . A satisfied internal customer will able to make external customer enganged .Training is a platform where in there is interaction with your fellow colleagues which in turn gives the employee an outlook about the organization along with what is happening outside beyond his work circle . In turn it reenergize the internal customer as the openess to the air increases and feels rejuvinated . Behaviour of the internal customer get reflected through his performance and delightness of his way of attending external customers .


Training should be prepared keeping all the job related aspects around an employee so the employee will able to connect it in a very vital manner .Connection happens than participation gets clicked in the training and the motto of training will be completed through this small exercise .Frequency of these should be more so no one feel isolated at end of his work life and not knowing where abouts of their job . As well said everytime a kick is required to start the engine so this training basically can be metaphored with the kick….


Customer Service is the mantra of any known business today . And this customer service will go only to boom through training … So don’t only make training calendars start implementing soon before it effect your numbers !!!!!


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