Emotional Intelligence at Workplace


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Emotional Intelligence at Workplace

“One ought to hold on to one’s heart; for if one lets it go, one soon loses control of the head too.” Friedrich Nietzsche has quite neatly summed up the need of having an emotionally intelligent workforce and workplace in an impactful statement.

Emotional Intelligence in itself has garnered great deal of attention from the business leaders in the last two decades or so ever since it first was introduced by Daniel Goleman in his path breaking work Emotional Intelligence: Why it can Matter More than IQ.

The ever evolving and changing social surrounding, specifically a workplace, makes it pertinent for the participants to be in a constant state of evolution and learning themselves. A dynamic, productive and efficient workplace is the one where each participant is attuned to the following factors:

  • Awareness regarding self and managing emotions along with objective analysis of personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Awareness regarding surrounding and people comprising it, understanding and managing their emotions and building lasting and fruitful relationships in turn.

The unstable economy coupled with volatile market conditions has thrown newer and tougher challenges for industry leaders. These challenges on the other hand have also reaffirmed the importance of mutual trust, support in addition to warmth and care for people can go long ways in overcoming the obstacles in a tangible manner.

The next generation of workforce does not see employment solely as a mean to pay off bills; they look for motivation, excitement and worth in what they do. A workplace which takes into account aspirations, ambitions and passions at individual level can translate that into effective performance and eventual achievement of organizational goals at the collective level. To sum it up, emotional intelligence can also become a tool of inclusive growth in a work setting by providing equal emphasis to the skill of number crunching and cheerleading.

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