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Emotional Intelligence at workplace

Since ages, the quotient of emotional intelligence is holding a large pie of the Cake when it comes to laying out the Factors for Success. Be it an invention, or for that matter a war too.Though this angle did not get any specific attention during the past, it has attracted the spotlight in the recent times. Because An Accelerating Economy, Over- Stretched Business Goals & Competitor’s Pressure, in the current age, an organization demands its employees to be more proactive, act swiftly & be on top of unpredictable challenges. Which implies – Requirement of Enhanced & Improved Skills from Time to Time, opening up more to fill the Knowledge Bucket & possess a high Emotional Quotient. At today’s workplace an employee is expected to understand and have a 360 degree view of his/her job. Therefore, it can be derived that success at one’s job require much more than competencies. To tackle modern day business challenges, deliver high business value, understand complexities, an employee needs to have a much more matured thought process. Virtual Connects, Glocalization etc. have changed the way workplaces operate and run their businesses. Increased Diversified Demands, PESTLE pressure has led to people doing more of multi-tasking than ever. In the current scenario, there is a need of attuning one’s behavior to his/her business circle to manage & juggle among all these requirements. So for attuning one’s behavior – he/she would need to understand emotions & behavior of his circle. & react accordingly. For this to be fairly correct, it would require an appropriate assessment. And appropriate assessment means an employee locating & identifying the emotions what the business circle is intending to direct & share. The faster – the connect is, better the opportunities of business, hence growth. Think & Act 360 degree!

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