Does HR Decisions impact Business Outcomes

Rushali Ligade

Manager Human Resource

Servo-controls Group of Industries

Does HR Decisions impact Business Outcomes     

An age-old saying in the world of business goes something like this “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going” is a popular proverbmeaning “When the situation becomes difficult, the strong will become engaged” and there the HR Contributions come in alignment with those of business objectives.The more stronger & specific the systems the less hardship required to struggle for outcomes. Policies & procedures,disciplinary matters,safety issues, compensatory benefits, employee motivations, rewards & recognitions is what gives positive outcomes in business.

Talent is one such promoter for a strong business,which has to be hired,developed, groomed and retained,a major contribution by HR. Arranging trainings & development programs, giving career upliftment to the technical professional gives maximum business outcomes. Companies making use of analytics, data driven – is a well-formed discipline in the field of not only marketing but other streams as well.Entrepreneurs use analytics to have a complete information & understanding of their customers and consequently make ‘right’ decisions.  Customizing & tailoring to the needs of the clients at the right hour is the major impact on the business developments. Today, the best companies pull on the knowledge and use of analytics in human resources to make decisions about HR initiatives. Such companies know the impact of every HR initiative on their business outcome.  They are able to predict every initiative’s return of investment (ROI), Employee engagement makes a vast difference in the attitude of the staff and contributes to the developments. Predictions of big companies stated that the ability to take initiative leaves a high performance in a job.

Companies are now performance oriented, it’s just like marketing Executives are responsible for their pay, which gives sense of ownership towards the objectives of self and business also the marketing departmentis responsible for their companies’ marketplace outcomes.

Thus companies have leveraged for HR initiatives, decisions for talent acquisitions and participation of HR in the business meetings as a strategic partner.Solid execution of fundamental HR services is essential to demonstrating competence and building credibility with leaders outside the function.High-impact HR organizations never stop improving; in a sense, they are in a constant state of transformation – incremental transformation or continuous improvement

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