Diwali Celebrations at MEHR

26th November, 2014

Srikanth Reddy & Sai Satya Sri

Diwali enlightens our intrinsic power and adds color to the life.

Traditional ware group pic

MHER had a most Memorable celebrations for Diwali by conducting several Cultural Programs to express strength and togetherness among all the employees. Right from the beginning of the day it has been Colorful with everyone well dressed in the traditional way to the maximum which made the event brighter & good looking.

As the part of the celebrations we had the cultural programs like Singing, Dancing, acting (Comedy Skits), Rangoli competition, & Mr. & Ms. Diwali Competition. Singing is the best part for everyone’s life which enthusiast their any mood and brings freshness and smile on their faces. Had good participation by each and every one doing their best part in their way. Also had an amazing dancing participation with lots of strength and courage and everyone got entertained with the performance.

We had a marvellous participation in the Mr. & Ms. Diwali Competition with tremendous response & had lots of enjoyment.




Skit is an added attraction to the event with the best performance and had a lot of fun with awesome comedy. This enthusiastic and energetic performance had left everyone with an awful smile on their faces. Everybody enjoyed to the extent with glowing smiles in their faces.

Without forgetting our tradition, everyone had an energetic and passionate participation in the Rangoli and made this day more colorful.




The Diwali Committee had a good support from each and every one and made this event a great success. Finally the day was ended with lots of joy and Smile on every faces holding up their sweets and Gifts….

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