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This is a paradoxical situation in the current scenario. Though the numbers of management students churned out are more but the employability seems to have dipped dangerously low which could adversely affect in future of capable skilled youth. In this article we will find out the reasons as to why the difficulties are arising and what can be suggested to overcome the difficulties.

At the outset let us understand the dire state of education. Nearly 80% of graduates seeking employment have been found to be unemployable. At the same time the number of management institutes have been soaring high with sky rocketing education fees. Yet sadly the end result seen is lose – lose equation.

What are the reasons for this? Few that are visible are:

  1. The state of education level needs immediate attention for great improvement.
  2. The HRD Ministry, state boards need to take closer look at the grant of college permission to extend the education to the students.
  3. The syllabus has to be in sync with the corporate needs to align both education imparted and its practical applicability.
  4. Education has become a money spinner with no bonding to real time work experiences.
  5. The respective people associated with institutions and colleges are not educated themselves to understand the importance of imparting the knowledge.
  6. Corruption has become the normal way of life with no guilt conscious in people.
  7. Education method still continues to be the old way and not aligned to the global standards.
  8. In the know of the situation where talent is difficult to find, companies are continuing to have a mind block in rehiring experienced persons and creating age barriers.
  9. Hesitancy in breaking free from traditional ways of handling management situations and problems.
  10. The standard of education has taken a back seat vis-à-vis the financial gains.
  11. The candidates are no longer truthful on their credentials and testimonials.
  12. Recruitment partners are not engaging enough time to dig deeper into the candidates’ provided information.
  13. At times referrals without merit are given precedent over merit thereby culture of pleasing the superiors is fast becoming a killer for selection of the right talent.
  14. Unscientific remuneration structure and vast gaps are also hampering the right talent being selected and retained.
  15. Qualification sans individual abilities sans personal choice of career are becoming the enemy of talent and the shortage of skilled personnel is leading to war of hiring the same.

It is to be noted that in the past as well we have observed war on hiring talented personnel by giving high remuneration at times stretching more than rational reasons which itself created other types of imbalances.

To productively solve man created lack of talented workforce, few suggestions are enlisted below:

  1. Let there be an active engagement between the corporate houses and the educational institutes with HRD ministry all deciding to evolve a curriculum that provides employment of the right talent.
  2. Introduce Psychometric battery of tests in the schools to gauge the capabilities, abilities, interests and skills existing in the students to pick the right choice of career.
  3. Have a registered national skill database for searching the personnel for newer skill sets, old skills etc.
  4. Reach out and rehire ex-employees if the skills are not found amongst youth.
  5. Encourage reverse mentoring to benefit both the companies and the young hires.
  6. Identify potential personnel for upgrading the new skills required, hone existing skills and create backups.
  7. Develop multi section / discipline amongst employees for any unforeseen eventualities.
  8. Truly have out of box thinking for hiring and include multi type of employments.
  9. Push for changing adage labor laws to sync with the current changing world.
  10. Last but not the least, remove gender bias and be inclusive to encourage diversity at workplace.

Hence, if the persistent problem of finding qualified workers is to be tackled head on then all the parties involved in imparting education, getting educated, being employed and desiring talented people should be gainfully involved to arrive at a new solution beneficial to them.


Article by Geeta Varma, HR Freelancer, Mumbai. The thoughts shared are personal and not intended to challenge anyone.



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