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Susrutha Mantosh Yadav

Behavioral Coach and Counselor


Emotional Intelligence can be defined as the innate ability to accept and acknowledge one’s thoughts, comprehend feelings and interpret and analyze emotions for self and others respectively”.

Emotional intelligence in recent times is the most sought after trait in individuals by organizations and employers aspiring to be the best and the most distinctive workplaces.  In today’s insanely fierce competitive world, a person empowered with high Emotional Quotient would exhibit refined decision making ability through excellent Relationship Management skills. By effectively anticipating behaviors and efficiently calibrating self and others a highly sustainable and an Emotionally Intelligent workplace can be envisioned and brandished by exemplary individuals.

‘An Emotionally Intelligent workplace can be described as an organization where people are Believed rather than Manipulated, Accepted unconditionally instead of Rejected and where individuals are Reflective other than being Judgmental’. An intelligent workplace is an institution where head and heart are in absolute congruence to cultivate and promote an extra ordinary workforce by reinforcing relationships and impeccable human standards.

Emotionally intelligent individuals imbibe and inculcate thoughts and ideas in the most holistic manner by evading impulsive behavior and erratic decision making process, thus becoming the drivers of change and innovation. The ability to flourish in professional and personal lives by harmonizing thoughts and one’s actions and behavior is the essence of EI.

Although EI is considered as an intrinsic quality individuals are born with, the key to developing EQ is to gain an insight into self by continuously monitoring our thoughts and actions and respond appropriately to yield desired results.

The art of decoding the most complex mysteries in absolutely simplest and sophisticated manner is –Emotional Intelligence.

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CAMI – WHRB Best Project 2013

One of the main events during our HR Summits is the CAMI/WHRB Best Project Presentation where the CAMI/WHRB students, who have received the highest scores for their project amongst 300 other projects submitted in that year, are awarded and their projects are presented.


Mr. Ravi Ranga Raju was one of the awardees of the South Asian OD and Talent Management Summit held in Mumbai . He is the HR Manager and Business partner at Thomson Reuters. His project was on the Implementation of an Assessment based approach to Team Leader selection and Development. The objective of the project was to enable a transparent process for selecting employees in mid management roles’ to identify skill and competency gaps of both new and existing Team leaders; and to build a strong development plan to help incumbents to overcome gaps and become people managers.

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MEHR’S Annual South Asian OD & Talent Management Summit – 2013

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Middle Earth HR conducted their second HR Summit on the 26th October 2013 at Hotel VITS International, Mumbai in association with its research wing CAMI – Carlton Advanced Management Institute. The conference was held on the area of Organisational Development and Talent Management. The Summit pooled in more than 130 key decision makers and strategic leaders from different industries. The full day event also gathered HR change agents & Leading professionals holding strategic roles apart from our Alumni and clients who are at top management level across industries. Last time, more than 85% of the participants consisted of  Heads and Directors of HR / OD departments and  CEO of organisations who enthusiastically participated in all discussions, forums and had also contributed in terms sharing knowledge & experiences, to learn , bond and benefit.

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