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MEHR – The Inside Story

MEHR has a build-oriented culture that emphasizes on learning and development of our employees. Our company achieves this by not only conducting training on technical skills, but also behavioral and life skills. This month, we had training on Time Management which put forward the importance of having a vision and how we can strive towards it daily. The training also highlighted the 4 main focus points for managing time daily viz.  Focusing on Mental and Physical Health, Avoiding Time wasters, Multi-tasking & Delegation and having Daily Visioning & mental energizers. Since our company gives importance to post training and action planning, the training was followed up with an Action planning Diary which was randomly monitored. The teams which maintained the diary earned points which would help them badge the Best Team Award at the end of the quarter.

On 15th August, all our employees joined in to celebrate Independence Day by decorating the office in our national colors. We kept up the patriotic spirit by also dressing up in our tri-colors. The L&D team conducted a Quiz among the different teams on our nation’s Freedom Fighters. The HR and Support team bagged the first prize.

We believe in adding a dose of fun to our L&D calendar, so we had a group outing to watch the Indian Action Comedy ‘Chennai Express’. We had more fun scheduled for this quarter as we also had our Fun Friday which organized by L&D team once in a month. These are new initiatives that we have started for the quarter to build our Employee Engagement.

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