CAMI’s Primary research paper on “Careers in HRM – 2013”

Only 16% of the global HR population are actually aware of the competencies required for the jobs and are clear at the career options they have at different levels. Are you one of them?

As per the latest survey by Carlton Advanced Management Institute on “HR Careers” white paper

  • HR Jobs overall is expected to grow by 11% globally
  • Though 45% of the overall job vacancies are in Recruitment India, however, if you look at it closely, 54% at junior level, only 19% at the mid level and 6% at the senior level.
  • 52% of job vacancies in Singapore are for recruitment and the percentage is the highest at the senior level.
  • The higher job vacancies in the US is for Culture management roles in HR again with the maximum vacancies at the junior level and exponentially decreasing in the mid & senior level.
  • The maximum job vacancies in UAE are for Administration & related HR works at the senior level.
  • Knowledge of Competency framework has become one of the critical competencies today invariably for all roles in performance management, compensation, culture and L&D.

Read more about the current HR job opportunities in different areas like performance, compensation, L&D, OD and culture with salary ranges, competencies for the roles, JDs and competencies required etc for India, Singapore, Middle East & USA with their economic standards, GDP growth.

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