CAMI High Honors List – Oct – Dec 2013

We would like to felicitate the participants who have received High Honors for their projects in the last few months.

Below are the names of a few of these participants whose work we would like to recognize.

Certified Learning & Development Manager

  1. Mahesh Sheshadri
  2. Debasish Sahu
  3. Roopa Hedge

Certified Performance & Competency Developer

  1. Anitha Bakhtani
  2. Debasish Sahu
  3. Nirav Jagad

Certified Psychometric Testing Professional

  1. Sarika

Certified Instructional Designer

  1. Harshal M Sawat

Certified Trainer & Facilitator

  1. Swetha Batra
  2. Ait Taleb Zakaria

Certified Organizational Development Analyst

  1. Urvashi Chugh
  2. Hardeep Paramhans
  3. Anthony Dass

Certified Compensation & Benefits Manager

  1. Manisha Pande
  2. Majida Khanam
  3. Sachin Maheshwari

Certified Recruitment Analyst

  1. Abhilash CR
  2. Sunya Qayum
  3. Sunil kumar Pakanati
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