Brief of drivers for Job Satisfaction



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Brief of drivers for Job Satisfaction

Everyday we go to work with certain expectations from ourselves and some from organization .When both the factors are balanced and we are happy on and off the work place that’s when we term it as job satisfaction. With increasing demand on productivity , stress levels within an organization are very high , here are some of the drivers which help us reach the equilibrium stage where we say we have job satisfaction.

  1. Work Life Balance: Flexibility at workplace .This parameter defines balancing work and non work commitments. This is one of the major factors as it helps a person to take control of his career aspirations as well as help him lead a healthy lifestyle which includes health and family needs.
  2. Respect as an individual: Employee treated as an asset and not as a resource. Its human nature that if a person feels he is valued then his commitment enhances towards any assignment irrespective of the complexities attached to it at a given timeframe. Recognition for the work drives in happiness and helps an individual to perform better.
  3. Work content : This defines the job enrichment which a person gets during his daily work routine.If an individual gets to perform the work in such a way that along with deliverables he gets to enhance his skills & knowledge at the same time , this win win situation helps attain the state of job satisfaction. Continuous learning always keeps the mind active and helps in design thinking.
  4. Trust in Organization Leadership: This helps in satisfying the basic hygiene factors like job security, remuneration, growth aspects, and self-development. This also helps in relationship building. Individuals enjoy and feel safer when relationships are built and this helps in retaining employees.

Today’s employee wants to feel happy at work. Motivation, job enrichment and timely rewards play a key role in any individual’s success and forms the key drivers of job satisfaction. Every employee wants to reach the top balancing the professional and personal factors. Job satisfaction not only helps him to grow professionally it also impacts his personal life in a big way.

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