Brief of Drivers For Job Satisfaction


Vijayashree Pathikonda

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Brief of Drivers For Job Satisfaction

In more than a decade experience as Human Resource Professional, I have found significant changes in drivers of job satisfaction trend. Multiple factors that contribute to employee satisfaction levels including social & economy, as well as overall satisfaction levels tend to shift over time.

Given the lifestyle & economic factors at play in recent times, it’s hardly surprising that employees ranked job security as the most important factor for job satisfaction. This is no longer the case.

“Opportunities to use skills and abilities” have taken the spot,followed by Job security and compensation/pay.

Most recently I have been observing the following as key drivers for job satisfaction, in fact many HR forums and surveys discuss in similar lines:

  1. Trust and confidence in the company’s leadership:

It is important the employee made feel part of the organization. For employees to truly be satisfied, I find it’s essential that employees are confident in organization leadership ability to effectively manage the company. Some of the areas that company can look at:

  • Regularly communicate how the company is doing, where it’s headed, and any news that affects employees
  • Take action on employee feedback and involve them more in the planning process
  • Give adequate special attention to each department/Business unit.
  1. Each employee is valued & special:

Employees need to feel that their employer invests for their wellbeing, work environment, and development.  When employees feel they are valued as an important asset to the company, they’re more likely to contribute extra effort, provide recommendations for the company, and ultimately remain as loyal employees. Its an continuous process to make employee feel valued by:

  • Each employee must have an Individual career development plan(IDP)
  • Providing platforms to employees to provide input and act on their feedback
  • Work evenly distributed across levels so that an employee has work life balance.
  • Reduce micro management.
  • Build effective relationship between employee & immediate supervisor.
  • Rewards & Recognition for good work.
  1. Career Growth & Development:

Employee spends a majority of their day at work, and expects to appreciate for their contribution to the company. Employees disengaged & unmotivated, don’t like the type of work they do. Employees, those engaged and satisfied contribute exceptional effort most often take pride in and enjoy their work. Some ways to ensure employees are enjoying the job are to:

Set SMART goals and communicate what’s expected and how it contributes to overall success of the company

Ensure that employees are equipped with appropriate resources and training to perform their job.

Have regular 1:1 meeting to hear employee and provide regular feedback on performance.

Focus on effective team building & culture

Give employee flexibility and set priorities

  1. Compensation & Benefits

I often see Compensation as a sensitive subject and a key driver, It’s important that employers adopt pay for performance compensation philosophy so that employees are being compensated fairly to their contribution. Gone or days where seniority or years of experience paid more. Employers should also focus on industry compensation& benefits climate study to compare with similar companies.

  • While conducting comparable study it is also necessary to take steps to reduce any gaps discovered in the benchmarking process.
  • Companies should introduce best benefits practices that promote employee wellbeing.
  • Compensation raises are linked to job performance.

Very often companies rely on employee engagement survey to identify their staff drivers for job satisfaction; I personally see it is restricting. It is necessary that employers have continuous check on employee pulse not by just relying on annual survey also other key attributes such as attrition analysis, employee referral trend, employee open house and other appropriate platform can be a great source of information to check on drivers of job satisfaction and organizational climate study.




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