Approaches to Create and Develop ‘Virtual Talent-Mindset’



V Lakshmi Chirravuri

Pursuing Master’s Program in Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Chicago School of Professional Psychology, US

Approaches to Create and Develop ‘Virtual Talent-Mindset’

Myearlier blog post “Virtual Talent Management” ( emphasized on key questions that companies need to think through to mitigate virtual talent management challenges. This article – Approaches to Create and Develop Virtual Talent-Mindset– as a continuation to my earlier post, aims to provide a step-by-step holistic view of virtual talent management framework.

  • Create a structured hiring process to screen, short-list and select individuals suitable to thrive in a virtual environment. The interview process can include scenario cases to check how candidates respond to a specific work situation that requires them to work remotely and/or interact with his or team members/managers remotely, etc. Same interview process can be used for managers/leaders by checking with them on their management styles with virtual teams. Building on this interview process, the hiring managers can also have a Skype or other video-conferencing call/s prior to selection. Thus, individual assessments should be conducted keeping in mind telecommute culture and success.
  • Orientation and onboarding needs to be structured in a well-defined manner. For instance, if group of individuals (for a particular department/project or different departments/projects) have their date of hires close by then the organization can organize an onboarding meeting/workshop in a convention center or hotel[1] that is centrally accessible to all the selected candidates. It is imperative to note that organization needs to have budgets and plans chalked out for these face-to-face and in-person gatherings.[2]However, if there are only 1 to 3 quick hires for a fast paced project, then plan should be chalked out to facilitate in-person meeting among the delivery/hiring manager and new hire/s. In case of emergency situation/s where new hires are not able to make it to the meetings, they can be provided with videos of the gathering followed by group Skype introductions.
  • Regular check-ins through chats, go-to-meetings, web audio conferences and video conferences should be built-in as a work culture system among managers/supervisors, team members and other key stakeholders like HR practitioners and executives. As a follow-up, minutes of meetings, discussion points and action items have to be listed on dashboards and metric systems so that managers and their direct reportees, HR executives and senior executives have access such that these points can facilitate toward future tactical and strategic plans.
  • Quarterly in-person review meetings have to be planned and scheduled in advance such that all the participants have chalked out their work plans. These review meetings can be organized in a central accessible location[3] at convention conference center or hotel. Based on the review meetings, in-person development sessions, workshops and training programs coupled with e-learning and webinars have to be organized with well-planned logistics and administration. All these in-person meeting discussions have to be captured in the performance management systems. The regular check-ins and quarterly in-person meetings should be the building blocks for high potential talent, leadership development and succession management.
  • Organization needs to create room for on-site get-together where employees and their families are invited to foster interpersonal and social interactions as a part of organizational culture.
  • Online 24X7 ‘employee help-line’ to facilitate counseling sessions for employees experiencing stress, grievance or any issues impacting personal and professional life.

In a nutshell, having a dedicated, structured and engaged virtual talent management framework can foster organizational success and work/life balance for employees.

[1]Logistics and Administration department can plan to check for hotels/conference convention centers that can provide corporate discounts for organizing meetings/gatherings every year.

[2]Organization has to be mindful that huge amount of savings (in terms of operation, administration and estate costs) are already being achieved through telecommute workforce. Hence, it has to be prepared to invest at least some or most part of the saved budget toward in-person meetings and gatherings.

[3]Logistics and Administration d
epartment can check for corporate airline/s discounts and set up reimbursement plans for employees including those who wish to drive through.

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