An insight into the concept of talent brand



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An insight into the concept of talent brand

Being employees of various organizations, we all know how much value an employer brand holds in our career. I am sure each one of you have experienced the value of your employer brands. Let’s have a sneak peek into Peter’s life. Peter is a fresh graduate looking out for jobs in Marketing. He have made a list of top employers where he believe he can build a strong and fruitful career. The inspiration to create this list is the various advertisements of the employers he have seen and the websites of the employers he have visited. How did Peter got attracted to only few employers where as there are lots of organizations that offer bright career in Marketing. Now here comes the role of Employer Brand. Every organization will position themselves as a premium employer when compared to its competitors and sends out the message about what it’s like working for them. Employer Brand is the image of your organization as a great place to work which is directly related to talent attraction, employee engagement and employee retention strategies. It is one way of Marketing where the employers try to market themselves to attract talents. No employers will ever brand themselves as a horrible place to work. Hence, there is an uncertainty involved. How will Peter identify his future employer ? Will it be only based on the way employers market themselves ?


That is when Peter read about Talent Brand in the latest issue of an HR Newsletter. A scenario where the employer appoints you as the brand ambassador of the organization. You being an employee working in for the organization for the past few years is given a chance to inspire the potential candidates about the work culture, best practices and attract talents. You started interacting with candidates and witnessed the level of confidence that grew in them. Now that made Peter to talk to some of the employees from his preferred list of employers. That was a brilliant idea. But still there are some hiccups. What if the organization have paid the “brand ambassador” some incentives for his role play. We can’t have a fool proof yardstick to check the sincerity when an employee talks about his organization. It is his current organization and he don’t want to risk his job with a bad mouth. Peter decided to search in LinkedIn and got some employees contact who have been previously employed by his preferred employers. That is more better. Employees who have left the organization will refer and suggest the organization only if they have received a fair treatment. Many employees have provided their honest and fantastic feedbacks and Peter was surprised to hear few comments totally contradictory with the one he received from the current employees of the organization. Now that is what Talent Brand is all about.


Talent Brand is the way how you, your ex-colleagues, your current colleagues and the management defines your workplace culture, actually feels about the company and what they say about its work environment. When candidates and employees experience and overall fair and positive experience during their association with the organization, it will improve the company’s reputation as a Best Employer. Recent surveys have also proved that talent brand has a significant impact on their ability to hire great talents. It helps not only to reduce the cost per hire by 50% but also will reduce the turnover rates by 28%. A strong talent brand makes recruitment process easier and employee retention figures will raise. Job posting will receive more applicants and better qualified talents will come in search for the organization rather than the organization moving in search for talents. Employee turnover ratio also will see a lower rates and workplace culture will be improved which will leads to increased employee motivation.


The importance of Talent Brand is tremendously rising as competition in job market is at its peak. Potential candidates are making in depth research about organizations before they join. Candidates like Peter are even preparing a list of their prospectus employers in order to ensure they invest their career in the best available one. Social Medias played an important role in helping the organizations to build their talent brand as an open communication channel between employees at all levels from various organization were possible. When market

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