A new age leader or a control freak manager, what’s your choice?


Ashish Raksha

Institute for Technology and Management (ITM)

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A new age leader or a control freak manager, what’s your choice?

“Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others.” quoted by John Maxwell. With the advent of time, a new breed of leaders is budding from the grassroots, the dynamism of being a leader, a visionary has replaced completely with the thought process of the traditional mind-set of bureaucratic management.
A new age leader is  concerned with the teams productive side keeping a smart balance with the teams individual contributors personal space. Flexible work hours, work from home alternatives and encouraging team with in-house board games and activities are also some things which is picking  up, though these initiatives are tagged under company’s benefits but they are well thought upon ideas strategized by  leaders, who display the concern towards their subordinates.
Being result oriented they also place an equal importance to mentoring, trainings that they look upon to bestow in the team. Moving up and holding up the flag keeping the team work as a fulcrum, emotional quotient is one of the forte which is also embedded within a leader. Learning from one’s own mistake and from the resources below without any hesitation makes him stand apart from a typical man.
A modern leader is more like a fulcrum rather than an isolated boss sitting in a cabin , believing in raising a level above than the milestone that has already been achieved, and at the same time ensuring to walk along with each team member to touch the pinnacle of success even during their odds by motivating them in a right direction is something that is looked upon.  It become utmost important for organizations to think in the direction to nurture and give an open playground to its employees, which will work like a fuel to the engine by provoking the inner sense to lead and move in the direction or rather pull the mass following in the direction that will give the organization and the society a better tomorrow.


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