Roopali Kurve

Head L&D/ Executive Mentor/Coach

“We can complain because rose bushes have thorns,

Or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”

 –  Abraham Lincoln.


Our Career is influenced by various factors –  Skills, Education, Finances, Family responsibilities, Location etc. and ideally also what we Like doing.

However some people reach a point where they feel stagnant in their current job as they see no career growth, or don’t get the promotion they want. OR

Some people feel what they wish / love to do [work/ career] versus what they are currently doing are two different things and are unable to make a change due to responsibilities.

To achieve change in career or career enhancement or any goal/problem in life, where one feels stuck, one needs look at not just one or two but various perspectives, to find an answer !

Perspective – A simple definition is ‘a particular attitude towards or way of regarding something; a point of view’; [a perception]. A “change” in perspective – can help solve problems personal or work related – as changing career or enhancing a career.

HOW changing your perspective can help achieve career goals /any goal?

Firstly clearly identify the problem / goal.

Often one may not be sure of what change they want –

E.g.:- If one wishes to change career – Evaluate:- Is it the job profile itself?  Is it salary?  Is it the commute? Clearly write down the problem first. Frame the problem [goal] properly.

Then Analyze the various perspectives.

One’s perspective may be influenced by various factors as environment, family, past experiences, need, education etc. – one should be aware of this and then look at various angles to find a solution to the problem. The idea is to analyze a problem in different ways.

  • Brainstorm and see what possibilities could be – what if you changed one factor or compromised on an aspect of problem /career goal, then would you get results?
  • See how influential people have solved similar problems [analyze their perspective].
  • Talk to friends /family /colleagues/seniors and understand their perspective.
  • Read [books, online, media] – about various other perspectives for similar problems /situations.
  • Always keep looking for avenues to get different views. Traveling to places and interacting with different people/cultures can help open up one’s view point.
  • On a spiritual level – mediation, contemplation, will help understand one-self better and help get different perspectives.

Let’s look at an Example: – A career situation where You feel you want to pursue some other career/job/field but need to keep your current job as you may have responsibilities.

Look at the problem from various perspectives and analyze –

Is it possible that you like your company but the job profile that is not satisfactory? Or is it the commute that makes you unhappy?

=> If it is job profile then – What if you look at other options within the company that can offer you more satisfaction?  Could you compromise on lesser income so that you get a job you really love? Or Could you consider what you love doing as part time job option and continue keeping current job which pays well?

=> If its job commute then – Is it possible to negotiate timings so that your commute is not during rush hours or Can you compromise on income and work lesser hours? Or what if you switch jobs closer to your home and may have to compromise on salary? What if you change your job profile?

You may realize that some problems are more complex and you may need help of a trainer or a coach or a mentor to help find a solution.

Analyzing a problem from a different point of view will help you get the right answer and pave your path to success!

Remember – Changing your perspective can change your world!

Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right. – Henry Ford

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