Nidhhi Pathak

Soft Skill Trainer


It is always said: Youare hired on the basis of Intelligence quotient & promoted on Emotional intelligence.

So, what is the power in being emotionally intelligent?  It’s all about awareness & control of state of mind resulting in constructivebehaviors. There are few steps to be followed to become emotionally intelligent.

The first crucial step is to identify kind of thoughts flowing in your mind like positive thoughts “lifeis full of colors& I am being loved by everybody “or negative thoughts like “Everybody dislikes me …, no one cares for me “. Second step is to identify emotions emitted because of these thoughts likehappiness, peacefulness, cooperation, selflessness, forgivenessor anger, jealousy, stress, sadness, revenge,fear,insecurity,greed, selfishness etc respectively.Third step is to understand which emotion is beneficial & harmful to our lives. For example : When I am happy there is a smile on my face , sees opportunities in  problematic situations, can  communicate  smoothly & assertively  with the aggressive person , feel  contended etc. And, when sad , face turns ugly ,sees easy things more difficult to tackle, poor listener, reacts aggressively for silly issues  etc.Fourth step is when identified that thoughts are negative, emotionally intelligent person will replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts &respond to a situation calmly.

So, if we are alert about our state of mind, will prevent us from falling prey to negative & destructive situations & behaviors.

Hence, let’s begin right now, though it is priceless however quite impactful.

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