Susrutha Mantosh Yadav

Behavioral Coach and Counselor


Only three things happen naturally in organizations: friction, confusion and under performance. Everything else requires Leadership”   – Peter Drucker.

Since the dawn of time it has been observed that individuals differ in innumerable ways such as their talents, interests, attributes, temperaments, behavior leading them to act and fare differently under various circumstances and instances. Every individual is born with a unique set of thought process due to which The ‘One size fits all’ fundamental hasn’t proven to be instrumental in shaping and inspiring people for a prolonged period.

A great leader can play a crucial role in purposeful engagement of workforce by sensibly crafting refined business policies and individual centric processes that are relevantly functional and efficient to positively impact business and human assets. Individualized development plans should be designed and implemented, processes should be redefined, reinvented and rebuilt consistently to avoid stagnation and de growth of employees in the longer run.

The Seven I’s Of   Sustainable Leadership:

  1. INFLUENCE– Everything can exhaust except for human minds. By creating and promoting an energetic and enthusiastic atmosphere at the workplace and sensitizing conversations and interactions a leader can be most influential in reforming people.
  2. INSPIRE–Remember, people drive processes, policies and procedures do not. It is highly imperative to understand the strengths and core competencies of each and every employee and triggers that inspire them to achieve excellence.
  3. INVOLVE – Engaging and involving highly volatile minds with an insatiable quench is a sure shot formula to longevity and productivity.
  4. INTEGRATE- The principle ‘One goal one mission, one objective one vision’ will instinctively generate a sense of achievement among the workforce and will eventually align and transform processes and their outputs.
  5. IDENTIFY – A continuous evaluation of people, processes and policies is the most feasible and effective solutions to curb and control issues such as resistance, lack of motivation and lack of skill and consistency among individuals.
  6. IGNITE – Cultivating a learning environment by infusing and propagating a culture based on continuous adaptive learning measures and techniques will consequently create a self -sustained futuristic world implying unending possibilities.
  7. INNOVATE – Unlearn – Learn – Relearn.


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